Neuro SDK for Python

A Python library for the Neuro Platform API.


The latest stable release is available on PyPI. Either add neuromation to your requirements.txt or install with pip:

$ pip install neuromation

Getting Started

To start working with the Neuro Platform you need to login first. The easiest way to do it is the using of CLI utility:

$ neuro login

After the login a configuration file is created and it can be read later.

Use neuromation.api.get() for initializing client instance from existing configuration file:

from neuromation import api

async with api.get() as client:
    jobs = [job async for job in]

The example above instantiates a client object in async context manager and fetches a list of user’s jobs. On exit from async with statement the client object is closed and is not available for future calls.

See Usage section for ideas how typical operations can be done with neuromation platform. Reference section contains the full API reference for all API classes, functions etc.

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